GRCC 2021 Summer Swiss #2

Dates: to
Site: Grand Rapids Chess Center
Score: 0/4

This is my very first USCF-rated event, a Swiss system tournament consisting of four games at G/55;d5 played (almost) weekly throughout the month of August.

To my disappointment, I emerged with four losses. That said, I found each game remarkably satisfying, and with the exception of game 1 (vs. an almost-1900) I felt as though I had a real chance in each case. The fourth game, in particular, seemed like I should have been able to win, if not for a major oversight in the late middlegame. I’m imagining my initial rating is going to be particularly low given these results, but I’d like to think I could end up close to 1000 (±100) when I’ve had a chance to play in more events.

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