123rd US Open Championship

Dates: to
Site: DeVos Place Convention Center
Score: 3/9
Final Standing: #398 of 494

The US Open is one of, if not the, largest open chess tournaments in the United States. This year (2023), it was held in Grand Rapids; while I had no expectations of actually placing, even in the bottom class E bracket—I am presently a class F player, after all—this was basically a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in such a significant event without even having to travel, so I felt compelled to sign up.

Similarly, although I had given up on cataloguing every one of my rated chess games on this website at the end of 2021 (it was kind of tedious), playing in a US Open felt like a big enough deal that I decided to revive the practice for this one tournament.

The US Open is a nine-game Swiss system tournament with a time control of 40/100;SD30;inc30. I chose to follow the traditional schedule, with one game each day; two shorter schedules, one spanning six days and the other spanning four, but all merging at the end, were also available.

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