Hello World


For some time now, I’ve wanted to start a blog. I first registered this domain two years ago! But, something always stopped me: fear.

I had plenty of things to be afraid of. What if I had nothing to write about? What if no one ever read my posts? Or maybe worse, what if someone did?

But each of those fears, I could handle. Because, ultimately, I wanted this blog for myself; a resource that I personally could reference, whenever I needed to solve a problem which I knew I had faced before. It’s okay if I write about topics that other people have already covered, because I’m collecting that information in one convenient place, phrased to align with my own thought process. It’s okay if I write about things that only seem applicable to my specific circumstances, because there will always be at least one person—future me—who will find it useful.

The one thing which really held me back is perhaps a little silly. As a developer, I felt that I couldn’t put out a website unless the site itself demonstrated what I was capable of. I never expected myself to build everything from scratch—I decided on the static-site framework Hugo—but I did expect myself to create all the templates and CSS, and they had to be perfect, because (a) “View Source” is a thing and (b) I was required to make the whole thing public on GitHub.

I spent a long time—weeks, maybe months—working on-and-off, tweaking things, never quite satisfied. Eventually, I would grow tired of it and dedicate my energies elsewhere for a while. This cycle would repeat over the years, and I would get no closer to actually posting anything.

So this time, as the urge to blog grew once more, I decided enough was enough. For now, at least, I’m using the Terminal theme made by @panr, with only a few small customizations (namely, a proportional font for body text; I need me some em dashes), and I’m pretty happy with it. Maybe someday, I’ll write my own theme. Maybe someday, I’ll make the GitHub repo public. But for now, I have a blog, and that’s something.