Hi! I’m Daniel. I’m a professional software developer and an amateur chess player (class F) living in Michigan.

I primarily work with C# and SQL, but also PowerShell, Bash, HTML, and CSS; and, less frequently, Progress OpenEdge and JavaScript. I also consider myself an “advanced” Git practitioner.

I have a strong interest in computing history, especially pertaining to UNIX. I enjoy watching and reading science fiction and superhero media. I play the occasional video game (turn-based strategy, puzzle/RPG), play go (the board game), and build model Gundams.

I also enjoy writing. I mostly write about computers and software, but now and then I may post about something else that catches my interest.

This blog has no analytics of any kind, partly for the sake of visitors’ privacy and partly so I can’t obsess over how many (or few) pageviews I get. The flip side, of course, is that I have no idea whether or not anyone reads my work unless they tell me. If you like what I write, I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to send me an email or say hi on Mastodon.